About Me

Hallo! I'm Laura and I've grown up with (multiple) dogs all my life. I currently have two dogs of my own, one of whom is: Oakley the Working Cocker Spaniel (@oakleycocker), the inspiration for the name! and Ted the Border Terrier.

In our family there is a range of other dogs:

  • Bridie the Lurcher (Collie/Greyhound)
  • Luca the Working cocker Spaniel (@lucacocker)
  • Star the Lurcher (Bedlington Terrier/Whippet)
  • Jack the Fox Terrier
  • Floppy the Whippet

Before Oakley and Friends I worked at a large 'doggy daycare' and boarding kennels for multiple years. During my time here I learnt how vital physical and mental stimulation for your dog is. I truly believe that this stimulation is gained through a variety of daily walks engaging all the senses.

Fun Fact!

A dog's sense of smell is incredible it can identify smells somewhere between 1000 and 10000 times better than humans!

Our canine friends should feel different terrain under their paws, hear different sounds and see different sights and have a decent sniff about!

I have finally taken the leap and started my own business to provide these walks for your four legged friends. I promise to take care of your pups as if they were my own, ensuring high quality, reliable and trustworthy care for every dog.

We look forward to making you a part of the Oakley and Friends community!